The Orbit Brand

As a partner to some of Africa's fastest growing brands, it is imperative for us to create and maintain our own brand imagery in a way that reflects our vision and philosophy.

As we move ahead given our unique business model, we hope to make our brand a key differentiator in the market place, making it an inspirational association for all our internal and external audiences.

We believe communication initiatives are a two way process that revolve around the initiator and the recipient. These initiatives (PR, Advertising, and Marketing) complete the communication cycle by ensuring feedback and satisfaction to the audiences involved towards the realization of the brand understanding and value.

The brand Orbit PR is ever evolving to incorporate creativity and continuity in all that we do. Our logo highlights this through a clockwise movement of two arrows revolving around our identity name bounded by a circle. Our corporate colour Purple is a combination of Cool Blue and Hot Red that signifies Imagination and Inspiration.
This brainwave is reflected in our clients work.